About Us

The Weatherford Branch of AAUW was established in 1935 and enjoys a particularly strong connection to SWOSU.  This strong connection is due, in large part, to the composition of the branch’s membership and university’s support.  The majority of our branch members are employees of SWOSU – ranging from the administration, to faculty members both within and outside the STEM disciplines, to staff employed in the Foundation, public relations, office of sponsored programs, and various business offices.

The Weatherford Branch of AAUW has very active members who care about the future of this branch and the young women they serve. Annual activities of the branch include the following:

    • Annual Garage Sale Fundraiser
    • Annual Brunch to start the new year
    • Breast Cancer Awareness baskets
    • Annual AAUW Weatherford branch scholarship
    • Political Forum
    • Bethany Children’s Center Donations
    • Annual Christmas Party
    • Annual Spring Luncheon
    • Salad Supper and Officer Installation
    • State and Five-State Regional Conventions (Hosted Oklahoma Convention in Spring 2012)
    • National Conference for College Women Student Leaders
    • Regular meetings and communication

AAUW Weatherford Branch Past Presidents

Jeannette Crosby 1935-1936
Dora Stewart 1936-1938
Myrtle Upress 1938-1939
Eloise Wheeler 1939-1940
Mary Forbes 1940-1941
Sue Kendall 1941-1942
Grace Jencke 1942-1943
Myrtle Kelly 1943-1945
Edna Muldrow 1945
Magnolia Gee 1945-1947
Mattie Driskill 1947
Beulah Cermak 1947-1949
Damarise Kitch 1949-1951
Alice Warrick 1951-1953
Gladys Bellamy 1961-1962
Ann Foreman 1964-1966
Arda Frans 1966-1968
Millie Thomas 1968-1969
Mabel Owen 1969-1971
Lucille Waller 1971-1973
Maryroena Muncy 1973-1975
Teresa Linton 1975
Mabel Owen 1976-1977
Virginia Dick 1977-1979
Be Fiegel 1979-1981
Sheila Wilder Hoke 1981-1983
Pat Sturm 1983-1985
Carolyn Torrence 1985-1987
Faye Henson 1987-1989
Vicki Buettner 1989-1990
Marianne Price 1990-1991
Faye Henson 1991-1993
Nancy Stinson 1993-1995
Betty Lyle 1995-1997
Jill Jones 1997-1999
Nancy McClain 1999-2001
Jan Moore 2001-2003
Rae Freeman 2003
Faye Henson 2003-2005
Faye Henson 2005-2007
Pat Meyer 2007-2009
Debbie Brown 2009-2011
Patsy Parker 2011-2013
Lisa Appeddu